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Are your leaders ready?

Are your leaders ready:

  • To implement the royal commission findings
  • To meet the new quality standards
  • To implement the workforce strategy findings?

In the current climate, its safe to say that leadership is in the spotlight. It’s under scrutiny. 

We expect that the Aged Care Royal Commission will be pretty scathing of current leadership in our industry (as it was in the Banking Royal Commission). 

Whether this is fair or not. 

Our understanding is there will be a very clear expectation for Aged Care providers to demonstrate not only that they are measuring adherence to the new quality standards, but also measuring the effectiveness of their leaders.

We believe there will be an expectation that providers identify their gaps in leadership capability, and put actions in place to close these gaps.

We understand the challenges providers face.You know you have to develop your leaders – it’s not that you don’t want to. The most common feedback we get from providers when we ask how they are going – Overwhelmed.

Capacity is a challenge.

Not enough time to do it all.

But everything needs to be done. 

And everything is a priority.

We don’t want to just “admire the problem” we want to get to a solution.The start of the solution is measuring leadership capability.

In 2014 the Aged Care Leadership Capability Framework was launched by the Community Services and Health Industry Skills Council, sponsored by LASA and ACSA and supported by industry champions across Australia.

It identified 3 levels of leadership and leadership capabilities across five domains. It was thoroughly researched and tested by 600+ stakeholders.

What happened?

Not a lot.

It’s a very comprehensive and well thought through framework, but just not practical enough for busy organisations to implement.

Fast forward to 2019.  No need to imagine, because a new interactive 360 Leadership Assessment tool specifically for Aged Care has been developed which brings all that theory and research to life.


CILCA is based on the Leadership Capability Framework domains, AND includes the new Aged Care Quality Standards, so it’s bang up-to-date.

CILCA measures and then visually displays the leader’s capability in each of the key domains. The leader then gets feedback from their responders including their manager, direct reports, peers and others including customers. 

Each responder firstly indicates the IMPORTANCE of a specific domain, then rates the leader’s CAPABILITY.

Leaders will receive an individual face-to-face debrief, helping them understand their strengths and areas for improvement. As a 360 tool, it can uncover blindspots – where others recognise something about an individual that they don’t see for themselves.

Included with the CILCA report and debrief is a comprehensive Self Development Guide. This is based on the principle of transformational insights – helping individuals understand how their current VIEW is creating ACTIONS and RESULTS. By shifting their view, their actions will change and the results will be more positive.

Organisations can also see their aggregate data – identifying the whole organisation’s leadership capabilities and areas to improve. This enables a provider to objectively identify their leadership capability gap, to allocate and target training and development resources, and to re-measure to assess the effectiveness of the training and development programs.

Why do you need CILCA in your life?


  • All providers will need to identify gaps and show improvement plans
  • Leadership is not ‘’something else to do’’, it underpins everything
  • Resources are tight. CILCA prioritises development areas => more cost and time efficient
  • Don’t reinvent the wheel – it’s been created for you
  • Revolutionises leadership development across Aged Care
  • No more traditional generic leadership training that ticks a box.                       
  • This is Transformational Leadership, which creates effective and lasting improvement

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