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Genos Emotional Intelligence

Great leaders are aware of their emotional responses. Are you?

“Emotional Intelligence is one of the most in-demand job skills for professionals at all levels, yet there is a remarkable deficit“. It’s safe to say this applies to our Aged Care workforce due to the on-going pressures they have been facing. 

With undoubtable stress off the back of the Royal Commission and the impacts of COVID-19, the challenges of staff retention and quality care are rising. This means it’s important now more than ever to ensure that where considerable emotional capital is required to carry out day to day tasks, our workplace emotions are effectively managed.

You’ve mastered your clinical, operational and quality skills, but what about your people skills?

The evidence is clear that there is a direct link between the way people feel and the way they perform at work, and a common emotional culprit in the workplace is stress! This normal emotional response can lead to worry, anger and frustration, which then leads to poor performance and negatively impacted culture in the workplace.

Our emotions can be a hidden driver of our behaviour and without knowing it, negative emotions can derail us and adversely impact performance and outcomes. However, b
y measuring and improving our emotional intelligence skills we can reduce stress and improve performance. This is particularly relevant when we look at the effectiveness of leaders. 

 “Emotional Intelligence (EI) is a set of skills that help us better perceive, understand and manage emotions in ourselves and in others.” This allows leaders to make intelligent, helpful responses to negative emotions and capitalise on positive ones.

So… How do leaders improve their emotional intelligence? Emotions can be uncontrollable at the best and worst of times, right?

The first step to improving your EI starts with awareness. And this can come through having an accurate measurement of your starting point.

Genos EI is a unique assessment tool for leaders, managers, individuals and teams. This tool assesses your behaviours at work, making it a realistic and practical tool to work with.

neuroscience and emotional intelligence research, the Genos assessment gives a snapshot of how well emotionally intelligent behaviours are used on a daily basis and how important these behaviours are to the people we work with, making it specific to your work environment.  

Delivered as either self-rated OR 180° OR a full 360° assessment, the Genos tool allows you to discover how well you demonstrate EI behaviours at work and gives guidance insights and tips on how to develop your EI skills.

Emotionally Intelligent leadership is not just about WHAT you do… It’s HOW you do it!

The core EI competencies, on the model help leaders “be” the productive states as opposed to the unproductive states.

  • genos emotional intelligenceGet a realistic assessment of how you lead others
  • Make better and more effective decisions 
  • Find out what is important to your team & what keeps them engaged and motivated
  • Reduce stress levels and gain more resilience 
  • Engage millennial workforces and collaborate effectively in teams
  • Increase staff retention, mental health and wellness. 

Using Genos EI will allow you to connect, influence and inspire others in the workplace to deliver transformational change.

So, is now the time to develop the skills to become an emotionally intelligent leader?

We’re certified Genos practitioners. To find out how Genos can transform your workforce, please contact Arlene or Laura. 

Laura Sutherland
Director & Founder

M  1300 831 949
E   hello@aboveandbeyondgroup.com.au 

Laura is a Workforce specialist, Leadership and Career Coach with a background in Psychology. Considered the go-to trusted advisor on workforce challenges in our industry, Laura partners with clients to understand their specific challenges and tailor the most effective and sustainable solutions. Her core professional purpose is to improve and future proof Aged Care & Community Services by supporting organisations to develop the potential within their people.