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Uncovering organisation blind-spots using CILCA 360

We recently worked with a community based organisation in Queensland, using CILCA 360 with 14 managers from CEO to Regional Managers.

It was a rewarding experience and we would like to share some insights with you.

We kicked-off the project with a webinar for all the participants, agreeing the process and timetable for getting raters; explaining what CILCA 360 is measuring; and outlining the five domains of leadership as defined in the Aged Care Leadership Capability Framework.

This is a highly motivated and engaged group, and they committed to completing their self-assessment and getting their raters assessments by Christmas Eve. They excelled in getting raters with an average of 15 raters per participant. Raters were across all groups including line manager; direct reports; peers; customers and others.

All the rater scores were processed by CILCA 360, and in early February we were on a plane to Queensland to have the one-to-one debriefs with each manager.

The second leg of our journey was on a Dash-8. Not for the nervous flyer!

Each debrief session lasted 75 minutes. The session is tailored to the needs of each individual leader – for some the emphasis is on understanding and making sense of the feedback including strengths and areas for improvement. For others, the feedback wasn’t a surprise and they were ready to start working on their development areas.

With every leader we used the VAR model of transformation – View/Action/Result. Although simple, this is a powerful model as it works on an individual’s belief/view rather than their behaviour. By changing the view, the behaviour change is far more likely to stick.

Here is one example of a view that one of the leaders was able to shift:

which shifted to:

With each leader we also took them through the Self-Development Guide, which includes an array of highly relevant exercises and models including an Action Planning section for each of the domains.

Following the one-to-one debriefs we met with the Senior Leadership Team to discuss the aggregate scores for the organisation. Here are some of the key messages we were able to feed back to the organisation:

We left the Senior Leadership Team with these solutions to consider for future action:

The organisation is currently developing its strategic plan, and these insights will feed into the strategic plan as well as their People and Culture Plan. By identifying the key priorities for leadership and governance, any development activity can be targeted to the area of need. We are looking forward to working with the organisation on these solutions over the coming months.

If you think your organisation could benefit from this insight into your leadership strengths and areas for improvement, contact Jayne or Laura for an informal chat about how we can help. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

To take advantage of 2019 prices before they go up, contact us to book in your CILCA 360 assessments before Easter (10 April) 2020 .

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