Bridging the Leadership Gaps in Aged & Community Care

Bridging Leadership Gaps in Aged Care

In our dynamic sector, leadership is pivotal for shaping culture, performance and quality of care. The findings of research* into aged care leadership in Australia finds specific and common leadership gaps. The good news is, these gaps exist in areas where skills and competencies can be developed and enhanced to improve overall leadership effectiveness. Understanding the […]

Navigating your workforce challenges with a tailored Aged Care workforce strategy and plan

Aged Care Workforce Strategy and Plan

Workforce Challenges in Aged Care The aged care sector in Australia is facing the perfect storm when it comes to workforce planning and management. Currently, 65K workers leave the sector each year and the average staff turnover sits higher than the majority of other sectors. (1) With a rapidly aging population and growing skills shortages, attracting […]

How to become an Employer of Choice in aged care & community services

Has your organisation got the WOW FACTOR? In the current workforce climate, and amidst ‘’the great reshuffle’’ as we like to call it, it’s crucial employers in aged care and community services stand out as desirable places to work…to be seen as an Employer of Choice and attract, engage and retain the best staff. We […]

Creating Cultures: strategies that make yours an employer of choice!

Laura Sutherland presenting

Learning Bites: Strategies for Fostering an Employer of Choice Culture Workforce planning is more than ‘attraction, recruitment, and retention. It is a holistic application of ‘new thinking’ and ‘practical strategies’ that foster an employer-of-choice-culture. In this climate of skills shortages, employers of choice are creating cultures that embrace, empower, and provide meaningful engagement. Workers in these […]

Retain your quality employees and set them up for success!

set up your employees for success

“How can I improve the chances of retaining top talent from the day they start?” One of the most disappointing things for leaders and teams is when good employees hand in their resignation – especially in the current climate where workloads are high, staff are pushed to the limit, and new talent is particularly hard […]