Care Industry Staff Capability Assessment (CISCA)

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What Is CISCA?

CISCA is the assessment tool specifically designed for teams in the care industry to illuminate teams’ biggest strengths, gaps and development opportunities.

CISCA uses data to create insights to drive organisational clarity, focus investment, change and performance.

CISCA is the window through which we can see the correlations between staff capability, engagement, and their ability to deliver high quality care, assessed through self and customer feedback.

CISCA Purpose

The purpose of CISCA is to capture the current snapshot of the entire team’s care capability and performance, and by comparing the views of different feedback providers allows us to understand any blind spots that might be present.

It shines a spotlight on the most significant gaps for the team and organisational capability, engagement and culture, and provision of care, by understanding the current and desired performance, and additional feedback across multiple areas.

CISCA Metrics

CISCA measures:
  • Care Capability – The entire team’s performance in 6 Domains that enable great quality care;
    • Caring for Self,
    • Caring for Others,
    • Caring with Purpose,
    • Caring Safely,
    • Caring Differently, and
    • The industry relevant Care Standards
  • Engagement – Staff engagement levels to understand on a deeper context the level of commitment, satisfaction and morale within the team.
  • Consumer Satisfaction – The team’s performance to deliver the relevant Care Standards, customer satisfaction and Net Promoter Scores (NPS) including feedback from customers and their family members.
  • Culture – Overall understanding of culture at a team or site level.