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Develop a culture of wellbeing in your leaders and organisation

GLWS integrates evidence based research and is designed to explore the holistic wellbeing of leaders both professionally and personally in measurable and meaningful ways.

The tool provides comprehensive reports that identify areas where leaders can take actionable steps to address targeted wellbeing priorities with additional resources and support.

Powering individuals, teams and organisations to thrive by helping leaders to ‘Learn, Live, Lead and Embed’ better wellbeing for all.

GLWS™ Purpose

How does GLWS™ work?

The GLWS survey, consisting of 126 targeted questions, thoroughly evaluates leaders’ overall wellbeing. 

Additionally, it provides a concise overview of their happiness, wellness, and satisfaction levels, as well as their feedback on the survey experience. 

The survey is divided into two main sections: 

  • Working Well (professional life), and
  • Living Well (home, social, and personal life).

These sections aim to encapsulate a leader’s physical, social, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual wellbeing across six distinct domains, as illustrated in the GLWS Framework.

Benefits / outcomes

Used in organisations to support Leaders specifically, and deliver improved individual and organisational outcomes that promote a responsible and progressive wellbeing culture. Benefits include: 

  • Greater wellbeing
  • Resilience
  • Performance
  • Engagement
  • Productivity

The GLWS™ Framework?

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