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A breakthrough model of human motivation and behaviour

PRINT is a research driven, statistically validated, proprietary method for uncovering people’s core, hidden motivations, explaining the essential WHY behind behaviour, not just what.

PRINT delineates with great accuracy, why people sometimes act in Best Self, making positive and productive choices and decisions while other times they may be less effective and make less constructive choices, allowing their Shadow side to break through. Showing up in Best Self or
Shadow has a lot to do with how well a person’s core motivations are being satisfied by the world around them.

Knowing “why” accelerates successful growth and transformation. PRINT® provides this vital information.


  • PRINT® is statistically validated through 3rd party
    independent studies
  • PRINT® is directly correlated with measurable, tangible, bottom line results
  • The PRINT® survey is quick (10 minutes) and dynamic, with proven accuracy
  • The PRINT® platform provides actionable strategies for immediate positive change
  • The PRINT® platform offers sustainable applications for ongoing impact
  • PRINT® provides a single platform that covers a wide range of organisational needs from understanding better recruiting fits to teaming to engagement to bottom line growth
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Benefits / outcomes

  • Increased Productivity
  • Increased Engagement
  • Increased Performance
  • Top Line Growth
  • Bottom Line Savings
  • Margin Enhancement
  • Intentional Leadership
  • Greater Retention/Lower
  • Turnover

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