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What Is PSI & PSI 360?

PSI and PSI360 are market leading diagnostics that provides real-time insights into a team’s psychological safety profile.

Results enable teams to foster a more inclusive and diverse workforce and empower them to enact pragmatic and timely change.

PSI for Teams

The PSI measures team members’ sense of Psychological Safety and lnclusivity within their team as well as organisational risk factors impacting on these measures. The results are collected and displayed in a confidential and anonymous way. The data uploads to an interactive dashboard for use by team members and leaders to track progress. This can be done at a frequency right for the team, e.g. quarterly. 

PSI is a market leading diagnostic that provides real­time insights into a team’s psychological safety profile. Results enable teams to foster a more inclusive and diverse workforce and empower them to enact pragmatic and timely change.

Teams with high psychological safety often experience:

  • A deeply engaged, productive and passionate workforce
  • Staff who take initiative and collaborate effectively
  • Effective decision making and higher quality solutions
  • Innovation, creativity and focus on excellence
  • Attract and retain better talent

A ‘normal team’ has low psychological safety and instead prefers artificial harmony.
In fact most teams operate at a 3/10 Let that sink in for a moment

*2017 Gallup Survey

Who is it for?

Organisations that want to develop their teams (N=5), by benchmarking and targeting key areas for development using valuable and reliable employee feedback. Teams that are experiencing high turnover, low productivity and low engagement will greatly benefit from the program.

What do organisations receive?

Once the team completes the survey it provides immediate feedback and will show exactly the areas to improve in order to cultivate a psychologically safe environment.

Through an App or online portal participants will receive solutions based around neuroscience to create lasting and effective behavioral change. These solutions are specifically targeted to the team’s lowest areas of psychological safety as indicated by the results. Employees can explore development areas for their teams on the Development plan section.

Development plans will support employees to connect with secific parts of the results and guide them to understand their contribution to the current team environment and make a  commitment for change.

What does the PSI measure?​

PSI360 for Leaders

The PSI 360 gives a leader an indication of how their leadership impacts on the psychological safety and inclusivity of others they lead and interact with on a regular basis, and what capabilities they can grow in order to improve their impact. 

Psychological safety is a belief that one will not be punished or humiliated for speaking up with ideas, questions, concerns, or mistakes, and that the team is safe in interpersonal risk taking. 

Inclusion occurs when a group of diverse people (e.g. of different ages, cultural backgrounds, genders) feel valued and respected, have access to opportunities and resources, and can contribute their perspectives and talents to improve their organisation. 

A leader’s impact on a team’s lived experience of psychological safety and inclusivity is significant. Developing leaders’ capacity in core capabilities that create safe and inclusive teams, will have significant impacts for themselves, their teams and their performance.

Who is it for?

Organisations that see the link between leaders and team performance, between high psychological safety and retention, productivity, engagement, and safety will greatly appreciate and utilise this leadership development solution.

Given leaders play a large part in creating and influencing the culture and climate of the teams they lead, it is imperative that they understand the impact they are having and know specifically what they need to do to improve and maintain it.

What do Leaders receive?

In addition to their personalised results, leaders also gain access to online development resources that utilise neuroscience to create lasting and effective behavioural change. These solutions are specifically targeted to the leader’s lowest areas of capability as indicated by the results.

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