Workshop: Let’s Focus on You

Empower your staff with our tailored self-care workshop


Let's Focus on You

Kickstart 2024 with a Renewed Focus on Team Wellbeing.

The “Let’s Focus on You” wellbeing workshop is more than just a training session… 

It’s an investment in the future of your organisation and the people who drive its success. It allows your staff to ‘’fit their own gas mask’’ first, so they’re best able to support others.

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The workshop

Did you know? “70% of employees with access to a wellness program report higher levels of job satisfaction”

The start of a new year is an ideal time to recommit to the health and wellbeing of your most valuable asset – your staff. What better way to begin 2024 than by investing in their resilience and mental health?

Our specialised 2 hour self-care workshop, “Let’s Focus on You”, is an expert-led session designed specifically for the Aged & Community Care workforce.

The workshop’s mission is to nurture participant’s passion for their role whilst achieving personal work-life harmony.

Book before Friday 9th February to secure your tailored workshop before the end of March, and make 2024 a year of growth, resilience, and exceptional care – together.

Workshop Benefits for Your Organisation

  • Empower your staff with practical self-care tools for stress management
  • Boost productivity and positivity
  • Build a committed team for the long term
  • Cultivate a supportive network and culture of wellbeing, where staff feel invested in
  • These workshops deliver maximum impact at minimal cost, making them a smart investment for any budget

Participants Will Learn

  • Mindfulness and self-awareness practices for setting personal boundaries to improve resilience, stress management and personal effectiveness
  • Best practice models and strategies which can be implemented in day to day life, supporting their self-care practices in 2024 and translating insight into action
  • How to identify personal and professional barriers to your self-care
  • The dynamic relationship between their values, time and energy
  • 3 practical stress management and wellbeing strategies to create a personally tailored wellbeing plan that enables the best version of themselves, at work and at home

Feedback from Previous Workshops

“A great session to focus on myself before thinking about others. Bernadette’s guidance was very useful, with information and measurable tools that we can absolutely use in work and life” ~ Linh

“Very informative and good workshop for RNs to enhance their wellbeing” ~ Roshini

“I loved the presentation. I found what is best for me which I never thought about. So thank you” ~ Kesha

What participants found most beneficial about the workshop:
“Developing the skills and knowledge about self-care” ~ Samjouta
“Setting goals & prioritise the goals” ~ Manju
“Self awareness. Emphasizing the importance of self care”
“To find my goal and achieve it. How to reduce the stress”

About the Facilitator - Bernadette Durrell

  • With over 30 years in aged care and health, and a decade of supporting leaders, Bernadette is a pillar of support for staff in demanding, challenging roles
  • As a specialist Leadership & Wellbeing Coach, she brings a deep insight of the challenges and stresses of individuals, your roles, and the sector we work in
  • Bernadette uses her skills as a certified NLP and DISC practitioner and real life experience to offer expertise and practical advice

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