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Director & Founder

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Director, Founder & Consultant

Laura Sutherland

Laura is a Workforce specialist, Leadership and Career Coach. Her core professional purpose is to support individuals to fulfill their career potential, and support employers to develop the potential within their people.

Laura originally trained in Psychology with a BA (Hons) and started her career in Mental Health and Aged Care. She moved into the world of Recruitment in 2005 and chose to specialise in these sectors which she has a deep understanding of and connection to.

After working for large corporate recruitment companies in the UK and Australia, Laura identified the need for a more bespoke service to meet the unique demands of Aged Care & Community Services, and so she started 3D Recruit in 2012.  Six years later Laura evolved the business to extend ‘Above & Beyond’ traditional recruitment to offer end to end workforce solutions in addition recruitment, including employee engagement, performance improvement, leadership development, coaching, and culture transformation.

Laura is considered the go-to trusted advisor on workforce challenges in our industry. Her honest approach is valued and she invests absolute care and attention to her clients. Laura has a strategic focus on the future and is the Chair of the WA Ambassador Council for LASA’s NEXT GEN. She is committed to developing the capability and capacity within an organisation’s most valuable asset – their people, so that our whole industry can flourish into the future, for the benefit of us all.

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Workforce Solutions Consultant

David Frayne

An experienced recruiter with over ten years of recruitment knowledge gained across a variety of industries, David has specialist experience within the Aged Care sector which enables him to tailor specific and sustainable recruitment and broader workforce solutions for our industry sector.

David prides himself on being consultative, curious and compassionate, with a talent for delivering strong workforce and business outcomes by partnering with organisations and learning what each organisation needs.

Having worked for a leading NFP Aged Care provider, David understands the ongoing recruitment pressures faced by companies working in Aged Care today.

David recognises the immediate impact of securing the right people for an organisation, but importantly, understands how having the right people with the right credentials, in the right place at the right time can transform the culture of a business leading to the development of loyal, long-lasting future leaders.

David has a personal connection to the Aged Care industry and directly appreciates the dedicated work this industry provides to each and every consumer.

Understanding the challenges facing the industry, underpins and motivates David to actively support those looking to join the sector, assist those moving onto the next stage of their career, and enable people to continue to maximise their experience to provide gold standard services to the Aged Care industry in Australia.

An image of our staff - Kamala Gracie
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Talent Manager

Kamala Gracie

Kamala completed her Bachelor of Arts and Post Graduate Diploma in Psychology due to her desire to support people to achieve their potential. She found her calling in recruitment in 2009, specifically focusing on healthcare professionals in Australia and New Zealand. After exploring her love for travelling and new experiences Kamala moved back to Perth where she joined 3D Recruit in September 2015. In 2017, Kamala relocated to Sydney, helping 3D Recruit to expand our footprint nationally.

Kamala values and invests in her candidates and their future. She takes the time to get to know them and uses a personal touch which allows her to put people at ease and build genuine trusting relationships. Kamala’s works with organisations to find their next talented employee, and draws on her industry insight to provide solutions and ensures candidates and organisations values align.

Kamala has been described by her network as friendly, practical, compassionate, open minded and with high integrity. She gains a great deal of satisfaction aligning candidates with a fulfilling career, not just a job, and finding employers the talent to enable them to thrive for years to come.

An image of our staff - Jodin Meyer
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Operations & Systems Manager

Jodin Meyer

Jodin was attracted to join The Above & Beyond Group encompassing 3D Recruit as she was keen to work for a company that has a positive impact on people and the world. One of her core beliefs is to continually grow, develop and learn, and this is exactly what our company’s purpose and mission is.

With over 10 years of experience in administration, office management and supporting senior executives and teams, Jodin thrives on improving and implementing systems and processes that help streamline workflow and improve efficiency and outcomes.

Jodin has a personal connection to the Aged Care industry and understands how the right staff can make a real life changing difference consumers and their families.

Jodin especially loves being involved in every aspect of the business, from operations to events, from marketing to assisting in recruitment. Whilst her work is behind the scenes, she is a central support to everyone in our business and knows that it makes a positive difference to the day to day experiences for our customers.

Above & Beyond Group Coaches, Consultants & Facilitators

An image of our staff - Jayne Griffiths

Workforce Specialist & Leadership Coach

Jayne Griffiths

With over 20 years’ in senior HR roles and over 15 years as a coach and people consultant, Jayne’s purpose is to help organisations get the best from their employees by finding ways to engage, motivate and stretch them.  In line with this Jayne has developed a holistic employee engagement and leadership approach based on MAGIC – Meaning | Autonomy | Growth | Impact | Connection.


Jayne is a strategic leader, having been the Head of HR for a large council, and recently the President of a Business Association.  As a coach Jayne helps clients find their authentic self in their leadership role. Her approach is positive and supportive, and she is not afraid to challenge and tell it how it is, to help her clients reach the next level of their professional and personal growth.  Her “superpower” is deep insight into group and team dynamics.


Jayne’s specialty coaching areas are with emerging and executive leaders.  Her knowledge of employee relations and employment law enables her to mentor leaders in the areas of performance management, employee engagement, employee conflict, workforce planning and organisational change.  Jayne provides 1:1 and group coaching depending on the client’s need and budget.

When appropriate Jayne uses a variety of assessment and development tools including CILCA 360, CISCA, The Leadership Circle, Five Dysfunctions and DiSC. 

An image of our staff- Arlene Quinn

Performance & Transformative Leadership Coach

Arlene Quinn

Arlene Quinn has studied people to people communication over the last 30 years, obtaining a Master of Commerce, and other tertiary qualifications in adult learning, human resource development, and coaching.

She provides individual, and group coaching for executives, managers and teams using her skills in performance and transformative leadership coaching.

Arlene works with clients seeking career advancement, function development, or re-engineering work processes for service excellence.

She is regularly sought out for strategic and business facilitation.

Arlene conducts interactive training programs on leadership resilience, and communication using her knowledge of the brain and thinking patterns. Arlene uses many tools for diagnostic development of leaders and teams.

An image of our staff - Arlene Hunt

Leadership & Mindset Coach

Arlene Hunt

Arlene Hunt is a leadership and mindset coach. Her 30 years’ work experience spans law, adult education and management of teams and individuals in various business and organisational settings.

Arlene’s curiosity into human behaviour and what makes people tick led her to study psychology and mental health. She has shared her knowledge with many sectors including education, mining, not for profit and private organisations.

An unapologetic optimist Arlene believes every workplace can be a source of potential, motivation and satisfaction for every employee. She understands that truly effective communication skills and harmonious relationships at work is what makes getting out of bed in the morning worthwhile.

Through her workshops and coaching Arlene enables individuals to reach their full potential and be part of a thriving team.

Arlene’s hot topics are:

  • Let’s Talk – how to have those difficult conversations at work
  • Boundaries to keep us safe – where does personal stop and professional start?
  • Creating a Healthy Team – why feelings in teams matter
  • Beliefs, Habits & Comfort Zones – what’s going on in the brain that makes it tricky to deal with change
Image of our staff - Karen Dorrington

Leadership & Performance Coach & HR Consultant

Karen Dorrington

Karen Dorrington is a Leadership, Performance & Executive Coach, and your all-rounder HR Professional.

She provides coaching for individuals, leaders & executives looking to level up and unleash their full potential.

She has a knack of balancing strategy and execution with ease. She knows deeply the nuances with working with complex organisations and brings to the table a level of understanding from baseline operations through to senior executive level.

Karen can help plan and facilitate your executive strategy and team sessions, work with you to develop pragmatic plans or project manage the execution of a wide range of people related initiatives.

These include:

  • Leadership optimisation
  • CILCA 360 Debrief | LSI 1&2 Debriefs
  • Team offsites | team coaching | group coaching
  • Culture optimisation programs
  • Change & enterprise wide communications
  • Talent, Performance
  • Process Improvement
  • Resilience, self-care, and self-mastery workshops
  • HR Information Systems
  • Tenders writing & HR Management Plans
  • Mergers & Transitions
  • Leave backfilling – Generalist HR engagements

If you want something different to what is shown here and would like to discuss your organisations needs, you can contact Karen on 0499 600 937.

Qualifications include: Human Resources Post Graduate Certificate (Top 5%) Organisational & Executive Coaching Qualified | Member of International Coach Federation | CILCA 360 & LSI1 & 2 Qualified | Currently studying Psychodynamic Psychotherapy & Counselling. 

Image of Anabelle May

Leadership & Performance Coach

Anabelle May

Anabelle is a leadership and performance coach with over 35 years’ experience in the fields of paramedical sciences, health, and disability.

Anabelle is passionate about empowering people to be the best they can be, enabling them to embrace change and to see opportunities for growth within and beyond every challenge.  She is described as having a collaborative, respectful and supportive coaching style that encourages clients to engage in reflective dialogue leading to exploration, profound learning, including the development of effective behaviours and better performance.

Anabelle enjoys working at both an individual and organisational level to facilitate improved outcomes using a transformative approach.

Her particular interests are:

  • Dealing with change and transition through various phases of work and life
  • Motivating women from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds to challenge assumptions and to become empowered within themselves
  • Promoting cultural, and where necessary spiritual, diversity in the workplace
  • Helping to increase team building and leadership skills
  • Pursuing continuous personal and professional growth, focusing on continuous improvement, quality, and clinical governance
  • Being purposely strategic, engaging in systems thinking and codesign

Leadership & Wellbeing Coach

Bernadette Durrell

Bernadette Durrell draws on her 30 years of experience and knowledge as a leader to help individuals and organisations understand leaders pressure points.  She works with leaders to take action to reduce them.  She has worked with not for profits, Local and Federal Governments, small and large businesses.

Clients at all levels of leadership benefit from Bernadette’s input to address gaps in the soft and hard skills of leadership through coaching, mentoring, training, and facilitation. These include but are not limited to, self-awareness, goal setting, time management, personal and corporate values, and change management.

An area of specific focus for Bernadette is wellbeing and its impact on leaders and their teams. Burnout is increasing and supporting leaders to identify where they are on the wellbeing continuum opens the way to change and optimise energy, productivity and performance for the individual and their team. This is an area that has become even more important because of the recent COVID 19 challenges.

Her greatest strengths are the ability to look at issues from a systemic and personal perspective, building rapport, and empathy while encouraging critical feedback to support change.

Bernadette has qualifications in nursing, counselling, leadership, training and Extended DISC and Global Leadership Wellbeing Survey.