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Above and Beyond is a collaboration of Laura Sutherland and Jayne Griffiths – both experienced and well-known workforce specialists with a passion for working with organisations that make a difference.

Laura’s business (3D Recruit) has become the go-to organisation for management and leadership recruitment in Aged and Community Services.  Laura recognised that recruitment was only part of the solution – the organisation also has to have the right strategy, systems and culture for managing and developing its people.  

Jayne has been providing HR support to organisations for more than ten years.  Working with many different clients, she concluded that whilst having the right HR systems and processes is important, creating a workplace where employees are engaged and developed is what makes an organisation flourish.

Jayne and Laura were connected through the Perth HR Alliance.  Immediately they saw that they shared a common purpose – creating fantastic workplaces which attract and retain the best talent.

With a belief that effective, leadership is essential for the future of both individual organisations and the sector, Laura and Jayne committed to developing existing and next-generation leaders in aged care.

And so Above and Beyond was formed – going above and beyond recruitment and HR to create workplaces where employees can perform at their best and provide the highest quality services.

The butterfly logo is a powerful metaphor for the beautiful transformation that is possible for each and every one of us.


Jayne Griffiths

With over 20 years experience in senior HR roles in both the public sector and small business, I understand the importance of creating a workplace where people are engaged, focussed and motivated to perform. Imagine a family choosing an aged care facility for their loved one. Sure, the facilities have to be good. But the real reason that they will choose one facility over another is the atmosphere or vibe of the place. The decor, amenities and furnishings all help, but ultimately its the people who work there who make a difference. Do they smile and welcome you back like an old friend? Do they take an interest in your loved one and their interests and desires? Do they look out for each other and make sure residents aren't looking lost? As customers we know what an engaged workforce looks like. My job is to see your organisation through a customer and employee’s eyes. And help you create a fantastic workplace where all employees reach their potential.


Laura Sutherland

Laura is a Recruitment and Workforce specialist, Leadership and Career Coach. Her core purpose is to support individuals to fulfil their career potential, and support employers to develop the potential within their people. Laura originally trained in Psychology and started her career working in Mental Health and Aged Care services in the UK. She took the leap into the world of Recruitment in 2005 and specialises her recruitment in these sectors which she has a deep understanding of. After working for some of the largest global recruitment companies , Laura identified the need for a more bespoke service to meet the demands of Aged Care & Community Services in Australia, and so she started 3D Recruit in 2012. In 2018 Laura evolved the business to extend 'Above & Beyond' traditional recruitment to offer more holistic workforce services in the areas of employee engagement, performance, and leadership development. Laura believes in growth and transformation and is committed to improving the quality of the workforce and leadership in Aged Care and Community Services, so that these industries are strong and flourish into the future for the benefit of us all.

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