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What is Genos?

Genos international give organisations the ability to work with emotional intelligence in a variety of ways. From developing agile leaders and engaging millennial workforces, to helping individuals become more self-aware.

Genos Emotional Inteligence (EI) is a unique workplace assessment tool for leaders, managers, individuals and teams. The tool assesses behaviours at work, making it a realistic and practical tool to work with.

Developing skills in EI allows us to better perceive, understand and manage emotions in ourselves and others.

The purpose of Genos

Developing skills in EI allows us to better perceive, understand and manage emotions in ourselves and others. Genos EI is about being SMART in how we respond to and manage emotions. Combining neuroscience and EI, the assessment tool helps leaders to connect, influence and inspire.

The result?
Increased productivity with a more positive and healthy workplace culture.

How it works

The EI Workplace Behaviour tool can be delivered as a self-rated, 180° or 360° assessment. This allows participants to gain a snapshot of how well they demonstrate EI behaviours on an everyday basis and how important these behaviours are viewed in their specific workplace. Participants receive guidance insights and tips on how to develop their EI skills. All Genos reports come with a personalised Development Tips workbook consisting of actionable and effective techniques that can be applied to develop emotionally intelligent behaviour. 

Key features of the reports

The competencies, in blue on the model help leaders “be” the productive being states on the right side of the model, as opposed to the unproductive being states, that we can all be at times, on the left side of the model.

Assessment results are easily accessible and presented either in PDF form or via our interactive Genos Digital Platform.

Raters can provide free text responses for each competency allowing the participant to better understand responses on their emotionally intelligent behaviours.

A colour-coded analysis highlights areas of potential strength and development.

Housed in a modern, responsive, online survey system. Raters can complete surveys on their phone, tablet, PC or Mac, anywhere, at any time.

Each assessment includes a personalised Introduction to EI program and Genos EI Development Tips workbook for continued learning and development.

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