Leadership Development

Leadership development in Aged Care & Community Services

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Leadership Development

We know that effective leadership positively transforms organisations. Effective leadership can also transform the lives of people working in that team, and has a real impact on the quality of life for consumers and their families. We love leadership and are committed to supporting our clients fulfil their leadership potential.

As well as working with current leaders we also have an eye on the future, and encourage clients to develop their emerging leaders to future-proof their organisations.

Assessment Tools

We use a variety of best practice assessment, profiling, and psychometric tools for recruitment, career advancement, and leadership development.  We are accredited in CILCA 360, DiSC, The Leadership Circle, Human Synergistics (LSI), and HBDI.

These diagnostic tools enable individuals and organisations to tailor development programs according to their specific and unique needs.


Our clients often ask us to facilitate workshops when they’re already aware of the key issues that exist in a particular team or cohort. Our workshops are wide ranging and bespoke, but to give a flavour of popular ones:

  • Having difficult conversations I Building resilience through self-mastery I Creating a positive culture through EQ I Productive conflict I building trust I How to engage millennials
  • We are also available for keynote speaking to challenge and share best practice across the sector


Whether you’re looking for small team coaching where a Cohort of up to 4 people can benefit from shared learning and accountability, or you would prefer 1:1 individual sessions, our accredited Coaches can deliver sessions to suit. The sessions may have a specific focus or purpose – for example  performance, or leading others, or self mastery.

To see what Coaching can provide for you, as well as read about the experience and styles of our Coaches, click here to download our Coaching for Performance & Engagement: Service Offerings & Coaching Information 

Emerging Leaders Programs

Your first 90 days in a promotional role are critical. If you have ever walked into a promotional role and wondered “What do I do in my first 3 months here?” then this is for you. You can reframe your whole approach and gain a reputation for being successful, for developing your team’s capabilities, and for achieving organisational objectives – fast.

Ideal for those who have recently advanced in their career, or are simply looking to level up.

Transformational Leadership Programs

We partner with you to create a program which can includes elements of individual coaching, small group coaching and workshops on specific topics, to deliver a high quality and interactive program that best suits your needs.