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Can you truly improve leadership if you don’t measure it with CILCA 360?

The Royal Commission into Aged Care tells us that “Good leadership and culture are a necessary foundation for workforce development and growth”.

It also highlighted the “Lack of investment in staff and, in particular, staff training… despite best intentions, aged care workers simply do not have the requisite time, knowledge, skill and support to deliver high quality care.” In this blog, we will share how CILCA 360 is a great tool for measuring leadership capability.

So what can you do?

Whilst acknowledging resources are tight, we need to prioritise developing our current and future leaders.  If you can't measure it, you can't improve it
But word of warning – rushing to invest training dollars in generic Leadership Programs might not be the answer. The crucial first step is to identify your start point. Measure the capability of your leaders and identify your gaps… and your strengths!

How exactly do you measure leadership capability?

Using a statistically valid and reliable 360-degree leadership assessment tool correlated to the Australian Aged Care Leadership Capability Framework. This enables organisations to measure their biggest gaps, risks and opportunities, by analysing 6 key domains: Leading Self, Leading Others, Leading Purpose, Leading Business, Leading Change, as well as the Aged Care Quality Care Standards.
Australian Aged Care Leadership Capability Framework

CILCA 360The tool is CILCA 360, and it is the ONLY care industry specific leadership assessment that identifies gaps and strengths at THREE levels of leadership from Executive to frontline leaders.

Why choose CILCA 360?

CILCA 360 uses data to create insights to drive organisational clarity, focus, investment, change and performance.  Access to industry benchmarking data

  • Assessment: CILCA 360 provides feedback via ‘Description of Self’ and ‘Description by Others’.
  • Insights: Detailed reports provided for participants and optional aggregate data for teams and organisations. Access to industry data including performance of leaders and trend information.
  • Debrief: Receive face-to-face in-depth results and feedback from an experienced accredited performance coach.  Data shows that leaders who perform well on CILCA have more engaged staff
  • Development: Extensive interactive self-development workbook, custom created for the care industry to aid in leadership transformation as well as access to models, resources, activities and videos/TED talks.
Benefits also include:
  • The opportunity to bring your organisation ahead of the Quality Standards.
  • Having an accurate picture of leadership strengths and areas for improvement so that you can tailor your own leadership program.
  • Personal action plans that can form part of an individual’s formal appraisal process.
  • It’s not just leadership capability that’s measured, impact is also measured. Impact is how leaders make others feel safe, engaged and empowered.CILCA now measures impact too
  • Improve ROI by knowing exactly where to focus leadership investment and ‘close the gaps.’

To learn about how CILCA 360 can TRANSFORM the leadership capability of your organisation, please call Laura on (08) 6102 1339 or email at laura@aboveandbeyondgroup.com.au.

Laura Sutherland – Director and founder of Above & Beyond Group encompassing 3D Recruit

Laura is a Workforce specialist, Leadership and Career Coach. Her core professional purpose is to support individuals to fulfill their career potential, and support employers to develop the potential within their most valuable asset – their people.


CILCA 360 by Laura Sutherland