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Solutions to the most common leadeership gaps in aged care

The common challenges for Leaders in Aged Care…and their solutions!

Practical solutions to support our Aged Care Leaders

It may not surprise those working in Aged Care that we are seeing several common ‘pain points’ being highlighted by our leadership groups. 

The Above & Beyond Group have been busy turning industry workforce data into practical solutions to support our Aged Care Leaders.

The data highlights that the main common challenges for Leaders in our industry fall into three key areas of Leading Self, Leading Others, and Leading Change.

With this in mind, we have developed a series of practical pick n mix interventions which employers are using to close these key gaps.

Do the below leadership gaps feel familiar to you? 

If any of these resonate with you, your team, or your organisation, please reach out to us on the details below, to start your journey to an easier leadership life!

Leadership Gaps in Aged Care and the Solutions

Laura Sutherland
Director & Founder

M  0410 360 679
E   laura@aboveandbeyondgroup.com.au 

Laura is a Workforce specialist, Leadership and Career Coach with a background in Psychology. Considered the go-to trusted advisor on workforce challenges in our industry, Laura partners with clients to understand their specific challenges and tailor the most effective and sustainable solutions. Her core professional purpose is to improve and future proof Aged Care & Community Services by supporting organisations to develop the potential within their people.