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What leaders can do to create a high performing culture

With unprecedented scrutiny on the aged care industry, we know that organisations need to effectively manage performance if they are to survive and thrive. That’s why, on Wednesday 6 November 2019, Jayne Griffiths (Above & Beyond) and Jenny Edinger (Panetta McGrath) led a seminar focusing on what leaders can do to create a high performing culture.

At the seminar Jayne explored:

  • MAGIC – an approach to employee engagement that gets to the heart of the human psyche and motivates employees to perform at their best.
  • A simple and powerful feedback loop that gives employees what they need to grow and develop on an annual and ongoing basis
  • Leadership capability and its role in transforming organsations, together with a model of transformational leadership which gets to the heart of an individual’s beliefs and values, enabling meaningful and lasting change.

Jenny spoke on employee and organisational fit and how best to approach:

  • Key issues in managing non-conforming or poorly performing employees; and
  • Insufficient performance improvement and steps that can be taken to terminate employment and defend an unfair dismissal claim.