The common challenges for Leaders in Aged Care…and their solutions!

Solutions to the most common leadeership gaps in aged care

Practical solutions to support our Aged Care Leaders It may not surprise those working in Aged Care that we are seeing several common ‘pain points’ being highlighted by our leadership groups. The Above & Beyond Group have been busy turning industry workforce data into practical solutions to support our Aged Care Leaders. The data highlights that […]

Trying to find top talent in Aged Care – The struggle is real!

Job interview for aged care and community services

We are seeing more vacancies in aged care than ever before. It has been estimated that the aged care workforce will need to grow from around “366,000 to 980,000 by 2050 to meet the needs of the increasing numbers of older Australians”. Add to the mix, we’re seeing larger exit rates from the industry. Needless […]

Can you truly improve leadership if you don’t measure it with CILCA 360?


The Royal Commission into Aged Care tells us that “Good leadership and culture are a necessary foundation for workforce development and growth”. It also highlighted the “Lack of investment in staff and, in particular, staff training… despite best intentions, aged care workers simply do not have the requisite time, knowledge, skill and support to deliver high quality […]

Uncovering organisation blind-spots using CILCA 360

We recently worked with a community based organisation in Queensland, using CILCA 360 with 14 managers from CEO to Regional Managers. It was a rewarding experience and we would like to share some insights with you. We kicked-off the project with a webinar for all the participants, agreeing the process and timetable for getting raters; […]

Are your leaders ready?

Are your leaders ready: To implement the royal commission findings To meet the new quality standards To implement the workforce strategy findings? In the current climate, its safe to say that leadership is in the spotlight. It’s under scrutiny. We expect that the Aged Care Royal Commission will be pretty scathing of current leadership in […]